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Rosie Nguyen, Miss United Nations USA 2013

Miss United Nations USA 2013
I traveled the world in one night. The candidates well represented their countries. Great show! - Mandy from West Valley, UT

It was a great parade of international beauties and wonderful costumes. What a colorful show. - The Garcias from Orem, UT

We should support shows like this. What a great way to promote cultural awareness in our our community. - Craig from Los Angeles, CA

Very colorful and educational show. The girls did a great job. Kudos to the organizers and all the participants. - Mercy from Boise, ID

Wow! All the contestants were very eloquent. Beauty, talent and brain combined is such a joy to watch live on stage. - Beth from Phoenix, AZ

Miss United Nations USA 2013 Special Awards
Special Awards
Most Inspirational Platform: Melyssa Montfleury (Haiti)
Best in Talent: Jawahir Ahmed (Somalia)
Best in Platform Interview
: Rosie Nguyen (Vietnam)
Best in Evening Gown
: Nyomy Obcemea (Philippines)
Best in Traditional Costume
- 1ST: Farah Melendez (Honduras)
- 2ND: Rosie Nguyen (Vietnam)
- 3RD: Jawahir Ahmed (Somalia)
Special Awards
Fan Favorite: Jawahir Ahmed (Somalia)
Congeniality: Jawahir Ahmed (Somalia)
Photogenic: Mahlet Shegena (Ethiopia)
Community Advocate: Natalie Delgado (El Salvador)

Miss United Nations USA 2013 Contestants